Aeshma is an enemy in Final Fantasy Legends III (actually part of the SaGa series) and Final Fantasy X-2, as well as a boss in Final Fantasy XI.

Legends IIIEdit

FFLIII Familiar Beast

Aeshma appears as the strongest Beast-type enemy in this game for the Game Boy. It is capable of using the W-Attack skill and can cast the Strength spells of Thunder and Mute.

It shares its sprite with the weaker enemies Familiar, Fiend, Loki, and Mephisto.


"An envoy of the Farplane that terrorizes all Spira. It can unleash chains of devastating spells as well as Emblem of Thanatos to get the last laugh."
— Scan info

Aeshma is a dangerous enemy in the series' first official sequel to a regular numbered game, related to the Varuna of Final Fantasy X in some manner. In truth, it is a fully matured Aka Manah, evolving into this being once its life comes to an end.

They are entirely immune to any and all physical attacks and will cast Flare, one of the series' most powerful spells, as well as Emblem of Thanatos. To kill an Aeshma, the player can only use spells and special attacks.


Aeshma appears as a Ahriman-type boss in the first Final Fantasy MMORPG.


Aeshma is the Younger Avestan name of Zoroastrianism's demon of "wrath." As a hypostatic entity, Aeshma is variously interpreted as "wrath," "rage," and "fury."

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