Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise is a action point and click game for the PC. It is the last Alfredo game.


Summary: In this episode Alfredo happens upon a house with a birthday cake upon a table which he decides he'll blow out. The birthday cake screams, "Help Mommy!" and a giant birthday cake appears and the insanity continues from there through completely unpredictable situations!

This adventure was unique, as you actually controlled Alfredo's actions at certain points. You either made a decision for him, or timed one of his actions, in an attempt to prevent him from getting killed. When Alfredo does croak, a tombstone appears, and the player is given a choice to play again. Alfredo had a bulkier appearance in this installment, which was created by John Romero.

Duration: Variable.

Appearance: The final episode of Adventures of Alfredo appeared on Softdisk issue #98.

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