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Athena: The Awakening from Ordinary Life is a survival horror, role playing game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The game is made by SNK Playmore and based on the character Athena from the King Of Fighters games.


The year is 2018 and science has progressed at an alarming rate under the Tantauls system. Dinosaurs, clones and mecha are no longer figments of fantasy and can be constructed into reality. They regulate society to the finest detail, creating automated and technologically advanced cities on land and in sea. Yet through this government agency lies a dark conspiracy, one which mysteriously surrounds the brain waves of the school girl, Athena Asamiya. Although she believes herself to be a normal girl, her life changes dramatically once her Psycho Powers awaken. Now, it is up to her to find the truth behind her powers as well as the secrets behind Tantauls.

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