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Aya Shameimaru is a character in the Touhou project games. She appears in 9-(N\A)


  • Aya is the first character in the series to originally appear in an artbook, then later in a game.
  • There was a rather nasty western fan uproar over Aya appearing in Mountain of Faith, with various insulting remarks made against her. The reasons for this were: general fan outrage at the changes made in the game (Reimu and Marisa only, no master Spark), Aya getting her own game (Shoot the Bullet), choosing to ignore the underlying facts behind it (The concept predates Aya's creation and was a quick project to go with Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.
    • These days the incident is seen in a negative light and fan opinion of Aya is higher compared to then.
    • Due to Aya including photos of various characters in her news articles, some fan comics portray her as having a habit of taking embarrassing or risqué photos as well. Thus she is sometimes a joke character who's shown as a pervert.
    • In both Mountain of Faith story modes, Aya was seen to say "Ayayayaya" (あやややや) which has become her catchphrase.

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