"When threatened, Beebots sting with an electric charge."
— In-game description

Beebot is an Electric Type Dynamon seen in the mobile app game, Dynamons World.

Initially, Beebot knows Sonic Shock. It will learn the following as it levels up:

  • Level 1 - Sonic Shock: Attacks with a strong sound wave
  • Level ? - Quick Attack: An attack that deals 1-3 hits and never misses
  • Level ? - Recharge: Your Dynamon absorbs electrical charge to gain HEALTH and DEFENSE
  • Level ? - Confuse: Lowers the enemy's AIMING, may cause HYPNO
  • Level 7 - Sparks: Burst of electrical particles damage the enemy
  • Level 10 - Unspecified:


Beebot appears to be based on Beedrill from the Pokémon franchise.


The name "Beebot" is a play on words; a portmanteau of the words "bee" and "robot".