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Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport is a first person shooter made by Digital Jesters for the PC. It is rated M and was planned to be a series but did not sell well in the US and was cancelled. However it did sell well in Europe so some expansions were made for it.


Bet On Soldier differs from traditional first-person shooters as the player must select equipment before entering combat and will be using that equipment throughout the mission. The player cannot change their inventory during a mission, or pick up weapons or ammo that either allies or enemies have dropped. In order to acquire more ammo or replenish their supply of armor, the player must spend money at various "purchase terminals" located throughout the levels. Money is earned by killing enemies, with more spectacular kills (i.e. headshots or deaths caused by exploding barrels) earning more cash.

The player can also hire up to two A.I.-controlled mercenaries that follow them throughout the level and assist them in combat. These mercenaries can be issued basic orders, such as to wait at a certain location or to follow the player.

At certain points in each level, the player is pitted in a one-on-one deathmatch against an enemy B.O.S. champion. The amount of money the player earns from these fights depends on how quickly they can kill their opponent.


Bet on Soldier is set on an alternate Earth in the year 1998, during a war that has lasted for 80 years and shows no signs of ever stopping. Every aspect of society revolves around warfare. Everyone earns their income through war; all men are paid soldiers, and women and the elderly work in the weapons manufacturing industry. The world is in a perpetual state of war between two competing power blocs, the Western WRF and the Asian UAN. The populace seeks solace from this grim world mainly through escapist television entertainment, with the most popular programming being "Bet On Soldier", in which elite soldiers face off against each other in one-on-one deathmatches, and where viewers can wager on the outcome of the fights.


Digital Jesters went into bankruptcy shortly after publishing Bet on Soldier. As a result, the series is no longer supported in the English-language market.

The series did enjoy some success in the European market, however, and two expansion packs have been released for the French, German and Polish markets. These expansion packs, Blood of Sahara and Black out Saigon, are prequels to the main Bet on Soldier story, and follow the activities of Max Balding and Hang Shaiming, two of the original game's secondary characters.

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