Cabelas african safair

Cabela's African Safari is a teen rated game made by Activision for the PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 2. It is part of the Cabela's series and was released on November 21, 2006. It is a first person hunting simulator game.


Game modesEdit

  • Instant Hunt
  • Big Five
  • Open Safari
  • Safari Hunt
  • Wing Shooting Practice, Tournament and Hot Seat (Multiplayer)

Game rifles (with animals)Edit

Cabela's African Safari04:24

Cabela's African Safari

  • .243/.243 custom (Duiker, Red Duiker, Klipspringer, Springbok, Steenbuck)
  • .270 (Bushbuck, Reedbuck, Impala, Nyala, Warthog)
  • .300/.300 custom (Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Lechwe, Ostrich, Baboon, Hyena)
  • .338 (Zebra, Waterbuck, Sable, Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland)
  • .375 (Leopard, Cheetah)
  • .416/.416 custom (Cape Buffalo, Lion)

Game AnimalsEdit

Animal Location(s) Note(s)
African Bush Elephant Botswana Trophy Animal
Baboon Zimbabwe
Black Wildebeest South Africa Herd Animal
Blue Wildebeest South Africa Herd Animal
Bontebok Mozambique
Bushbuck Botswana Tracking Animal
Cape Buffalo Botswana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe Herd Animal, Trophy Animal
Cheetah Mozambique
Dik-Dik South Africa Tracking Animal
Duiker Mozambique, South Africa
Egyptian Goose Namibia
Eland Tanzania, Zimbabwe Tracking Animal
Elephant Mozambique, South Africa Trophy Animal
Gemsbok Namibia Tracking Animal
Grey Rhebok Zimbabwe
Hartebeest Namibia Herd Animal
Hippopotamus Tanzania Trophy Animal
Hyena Mozambique Baiting Animal
Impala South Africa
Klipspringer Namibia
Kudu Namibia, South Africa Tracking Animal
Lechwe Botswana
Leopard Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe Baiting Animal, Trophy Animal
Lion Mozambique, Tanzania Trophy Animal
Nile Crocodile Tanzania Trophy Animal
Nyala Mozambique, Tanzania Tracking Animal
Ostrich Botswana, Namibia
Red Forest Duiker Mozambique Tracking Animal
Red-Billed Teal Zimbabwe
Reedbuck Mozambique
Rhinoceros South Africa, Tanzania Trophy Animal
Roan Antelope Namibia Tracking Animal
Rock Pigeon Tanzania
Sable Antelope Zimbabwe
South Cape Kudu South Africa Tracking
Springbok South Africa, Zimbabwe Herd Animal
Spur-Winged Goose Botswana
Steenbuck Namibia
Turtle Dove South Africa
Warthog South Africa Herd Animal
Waterbuck Zimbabwe
Yellow-Billed Duck Mozambique, South Africa
Zebra Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia

Non-Game AnimalsEdit

Animal Location(s)
African Wild Dog Namibia, South Africa
Albatross Botswana, Namibia
Barred Cuckoo Mozambique
Cardinal Woodpecker Namibia
Chimpanzee Namibia
Flamingo Mozambique
Giraffe Botswana, Tanzania
Gorilla Mozambique
Impala Zimbabwe
White Pelican Zimbabwe

Game ModesEdit

Single PlayerEdit

  • Instant Hunt
  • Big Five
  • Open Safari
  • Safari Hunt
  • Tournament
  • Winged Shooting Practice


  • Hot Seat

Cabela's Gun LibraryEdit


  • .243/.243 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .270 Bolt Rifle
  • .300/.300 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .338 Bolt Rifle
  • .375 Bolt Rifle
  • .416/.416 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .505/.505 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .600 Bolt Rifle


  • .410 Over & Under/.410 Over & Under Custom Shotgun
  • .12 Gauge/ .12 Gauge Custom Shotgun
  • .505/.505 custom (Rhino)
  • .600 (Elephant)

Game Shotguns (with birds)Edit

  • .410 o & u/.410 o & u coustom (Turtle dove, Rock Pigeon)
  • .12 gauge/ .12 gauge custom (Egyptian goose, Spur-winged goose, Red-billed Teal, Yellow-billed duck)

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