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Dr. Mario Online RX is a puzzle game made by Nintendo for the Wii. It is rated E and downloadable off of WiiWare.


Dr. Mario Online Rx is a remake of the classic Dr. Mario puzzler. You can make your Mii appear in place of the Mario characters, and can challenge friends over Wi-Fi. The game includes the Saikin Bokumetsu game from the Japanese Brain Age 2, which can now be play cooperatively with four players.


Dr. Mario Online RX recieved mixed recpetion but IGN gave Dr. Mario Online Rx an 8.5/10, calling the main game "timeless" and the new Virus Buster mode "chaotically awesome". However they were let down by the fact that the main Dr. Mariomode only supported up to 2 players (where some earlier games had supported up to 4) and that Virus Buster was not playable online. Additionally, N-Europe awarded Dr. Mario an 8/10, calling it "the same Dr. Mario that we know and love" with "solid and functional graphics" and addictive gameplay.

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