Mayor fahr

The Fahr Outpost Mayor is a character in the Mario series. He appears in Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door. He is as his title suggests the mayor of Fahr Outpost.

Like most of the other Bob-ombs at Fahr Outpost, he is very secretive and wants non-Bob-ombs to go away. This may be due to the possession of a giant cannon and his fear that someone will use it for evil. Later though, he seems to get friendlier with Mario and has possibly changed his outlook on humans.


“Da... What business do you have here? What? A cannon? ...No such thing is here! ...SHUSH! You call yourself a Bob-omb? I spit at you! You know the rules! There is to be no mention of the cannon to non-Bob-ombs! NO mention! We must not allow it to be used for evil...”


  • The back side of his hat highly resembles a Tanooki tail.

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