Faridah Malik is a character in Deus Ex:Human Revolution. She is a dropship pilot. Her voice actor is Paula Jean
240px-Faridah Malik


Not much is known or revealed about Malik during the game, other than her occupation as Sarif Industries Chief Pilot. Other than being Adam Jensen's main mode of transportation to the various settings in the game  she occasionally will communicate with Jensen through intercom and is available for conversation during a few parts of the game. She has a few small cerebral implants that improve her flying abilities.

It is later revealed when the player is in Hengsha that Malik lived there for a time. While living there her close friend died under suspicious circumstances. Never having trusted the police report that claimed the death was an accident, Malik asks Jensen to investigate the cold case so she can finally know the truth.


Date of Birth: 2002 (Dearborn, Michigan, USA)Female, Caucasian (Arab descent)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

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