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Fugitive Hunter: War On Terror (released as America's 10 Most Wanted in Europe) is a first person shooter for the PlayStation 2 and PC. It is made by Play IT LTD and rated M. It was released on November 18, 2003 in North America and August 16, 2004 in Europe.


The game is a typical first person shooter, featuring arcade-style, third person fights as means of capturing the level-in-question's fugitive.


Fugitive Hunter Europe

The European boxart for the game.

Set in modern day, War on Terror allows players to travel to locales such as Afghanistan, Utah, Paris, and Miami, as they follow a criminal trail that leads all the way to insane president Saddam Hussein and the al Qaeda madman Osama Bin Laden. Features include an extensive behind-the-scenes library of videos, a third-person hand-to-hand mini-game, and 11 different terrorist leaders to hunt down including Bin Laden himself. Available exclusively for the PlayStation 2.


The game was generally received poorly, due to dated graphics and sub-standard gameplay. For example, Scott Rhodie of CNET Australia states "the sound is pathetic, the gameplay terrible, the graphics an embarrassment for a modern game and the premise simply shocking".

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