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Gothita is a usable monster in the Pokémon series. She appeared in Pokémon Black and White and now has been appearing in any Pokémon game ever since.


Gothita appears as a baby with small tuft of hair sticking up, and it has two ribbon-like feelers that look like bows on each side of the head. It has two large blue eyes with three eyelashes on each one. It has a large bow on its neck and appears black with a white zig-zag line running horizontally through the chest area. It has bright red lips that protrude from its face, and these lips are seemingly not connected to each other.

Gender differencesEdit


Special abilitiesEdit

Using its ribbon-like antennae, Gothita amplifies its psychic powers.


Gothita fixedly observes Pokémon and Trainers. It stares at something only it can see.

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