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Iridon 3D is a action rail shooter for the GameBoy Advance. It was devleoped by THQ and rated E.


In the opening cinematic of Iridion 3D Earth is attacked without warning by the Iridion, who take over much of the surface and lay mines in orbit and bombs in the Pacific Ocean. The player is the pilot of an experimental SHN fighter, the last hope for defending Earth from the Iridion. The player pilots his ship alone against hordes of Iridion fighters and natural obstacles. The early stages begin on Earth, with the player fighting through an Iridion garbage tunnel. The player proceeds to the Pacific Ocean nd destroys much of the Iridion invasion fleet on Earth before heading into the stratosphere to destroy the orbital blockade around Earth and subsequently annihilating the Iridion boss at the Moon.

With the invasion fleet in ruins, the player heads into the far reaches of space. After destroying an Iridion mining colony within an asteriod belt  the player proceeds into the Iridion home system. Eventually the player fights the Iridion on their home world, destroying the Iridion "mainframe" and ending the alien threat forever.


In this rail shooter, you're a lone star-pilot defending earth from the invading hordes of the sinister Iridion empire. At the end of each of the blistering-fast seven stages, the forced-scrolling halts so you can battle a gigantic boss. While action seldom slows from nonstop, be on the lookout for weapons upgrades and shimmering multicolored icons, which restore precious energy. Your experimental SHN-Fighter comes with red, green, gold and purple lasers, which must be powered up with the same color. For example, if you snare two green power-ups, you can fire two green lasers, but if you then grab a red power-up, you'll revert to your weakest red laser.


  • GBA Launch title
  • Did poorly

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