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Joseph Mauke or Joe Mauke is a video games designer. He was a level designer but is now a technical designer.


Joseph Mauke has been working on video games for many years. He first started as a teenager designing games in basic on a Commodore 64. He was very heavily involved with the early FPS mod community for Quake, and then was part of the Urban Terror Mod Team later under the name |NV|S. He always thought that modding games was a fun hobby, but never saw of it as a viable career.

He has worked on many different games and platforms. He most recently Co-Founded Upgraded Studios with long time friend Rudy Pollorena Jr. in San Diego, California. 

Previously to that he was the Lead Technical Designer with Xaviant in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). A Lead Level Designer/Sr. Designer with Incinerator Studioslocated in Carlsbad, California. He has also worked for several other Studios including Electronic Arts Los AngelesThe Collective, a Foundation 9 Entertainment company, Smart Bomb Interactive and Spark Unlimited.

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