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Lethal Enforcers II Gunfighters arcade

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Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters was a first person shooter made by Konami for the arcade. It was later ported to the Sega Genesis and Sega CD. The SNES port was supposed to come but never was released. It was given a Teen rating.


The object in the game is to shoot outlaws in order to eradicate crime from a stereotypical Old West town. At the beginning of the game, three to five life units are available. In the arcade version, more can be purchased by inserting additional coins. Life units are also awarded based on how many points the player scores while playing the game. Every time the player is shot or an innocent townsperson or lawmen is shot, one life unit will be lost. The game ends when all life units are gone, but continue play is available.

Lethal Enforcers 2 has five stages: "The Bank Robbery," "The Stage-Holdup," "Saloon Showdown," "The Train Robbery," and "The Hide-Out." During each stage, the player must shoot the armed outlaws without harming any innocent townsfolk or fellow lawmen. If the player does hit a townsfolk, the game will issue and admonishment like "Don't shoot innocent folks!". One shot is usually enough to kill most enemies.


In the game, the player's gun (a six-shooter) can carry up to six bullets. To reload, the player must aim his or her lightgun away from the screen and pull the trigger. Additional weaponry can be found throughout the game that will give the player better firepower: 50 calibre sharps, rifles, double rigs, shotguns, gatling guns, and cannons. The gatling guns and cannons can each be used only once but the other four weapons can be reloaded the same way as the regular gun. If a player is shot with one of those weapons, the weapon is lost and the player will return to the regular gun.


There are different ranks that the player can attain, depending on how well the player performs. The ranks are: Posse, Deputy, Sheriff, Deputy Marshal and U.S. Marshal. When the game begins, the player's rank is Sheriff, and after each stage the player will be promoted, provided they have not killed any innocents. If the player has killed innocents on any stage, they will either maintain their rank or will be demoted. On the Sega Genesis, the accuracy for each stage corresponds to the given rank. 60%–69% will earns Deputy rank. From 70%–79% is Sheriff. 80%–89% is Deputy Marshal and 90% or above is U.S. Marshal.

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