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The Metal Gear RAY is a vechicle in Medal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty it is either manned or unmanned and is made by the U.S Navy.


The mass-production model of RAY combines tele-existence and autonomous control systems to achieve fully unmanned capability. It is equipped with missiles on its upper legs and back and dual machine guns on its arms. Its head is also outfitted with an internal high-pressure water cannon. However, in contrast to the manned model, the unmanned model lacks a tail. Other differences include a rust-like red color scheme, round knees, and its single sensory input, or "eye," as opposed to the prototype's two. When the unmanned RAYs are not active and put on sleep mode, they are surrounded by holographic text.

Although the unmanned RAY units were designed by the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps had also intended that its final design be unmanned.

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