Night Stalkers are enimies in the Fallout series. They only appear in Fallout: New Vegas. They are usually in the Mojave Wasteland.


  • Walking through the Mojave Wasteland, it is possible that the player may see a night stalker with several heads and legs. This is actually a bug in the respawn. It happens when several spawn in the same place, resulting in a number of night stalker models within each other and bound in place. Because they cannot walk they can easily be killed.
  •   Sometimes while encountering a night stalker, they will randomly die.
  •    Attempting to aim at the night stalker's head (in realtime or V.A.T.S.) often results in your shots missing. Possibly there is something off with the night stalker's collision/hit detection around its head, similar to what happens with evolved centaurs. For best results (and to avoid all of your shots missing in V.A.T.S.), target the body instead.
  •    If the night stalkers in Old World Blues are close enough to bite you, attempting to shoot them in V.A.T.S. mode may be completely ineffective, causing all your shots to miss.

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