Petrine is a character in the Fire Emblem franchise. She has appeared in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance.


Battle Conversation “Ha ha! Do you like your meat rare? Or do you like it charbroiled? Let me know, and I'll cook you up just as ordered! Wha ha ha ha ha!” —Petrine

Vs IkeEdit

“You... You're the knight that my father battled.” —Ike “You! If I'd know you were going to grow to be such a thorn in our side... I would have reduced you to ashes when I had the chance... Guess it's not too late, though! Die!” —Petrine

Vs SorenEdit

“You... That mark on your brow... That's not a charm of the dead, is it? You're no Spirit Charmer! Hmph! You may be able to fool others with that, but not me. It's because we're the same, see?” —Petrine “...The same? Don't be ridiculous. I'm nothing like you. You kill for sport, and hide your fear behind a wall of bravado. Now let me show you true fear!” —Soren

Vs HaarEdit

“Just as I expected. I thought I give you a chance to clear the stain of your name... Yet you and Shiharam are treachery in the flesh. Useless migrants!” —Petrine “To think we endured this for eighteen long years. It seems Genreal Shiharam and I were not to be blessed with any masters worthly of serving. All we found were paltry pretenders...” —Haar “You insult His Majesty? You know not your place, you louse-ridden oaf! Your failing are yours, and yours alone! It's time for you to burn! Don't worry, I will let the dogs snack on what's left!” —Petrine

Death QuoteEdit

“Y-Your... Your Majesty... Forgive me...please... Oh, I don't want to die... So...scared...” —Petrine

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