Ruto Young

"It's me, your fiancée, Ruto! Princess of the Zoras! I never forgot the vows we made to each other seven years ago!"
— Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, who is referenced in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and (retroactively) in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and returns in Hyrule Warriors and its handheld update, Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Her Termina counterpart is Lulu of The Indigo-Go's. Her rival in Hyrule Warriors is Darunia.

Background historyEdit

Ruto is a female Sea Zora and the daughter and only child of King Zora, making her princess of her people. She also serves as the attendant of their species' patron deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu, preparing his meals. Her mother passed away early on in her childhood, though not before entrusting the Zora's Sapphire to her and explaining that it is considered to be the Sea Zora's equivalent to an engagement ring.

In her youth Ruto acted the tomboy, being very stubborn and strong-willed despite any danger she may have encountered. Although considered an annoyance and a hindrance to some (including Link), this would serve to train her to be ready for the trials ahead in the Adult Timeline when Ganon would greatly threaten the realm of Hyrule. Upon her discovery that she is in fact the Sage of Water meant to guard the Water Temple beneath Lake Hylia with her life, her rude and selfish behavior calmed down and in adulthood she proved significantly more benevolent towards others.

Upon Ganon's defeat, her name was given to Ruto Town while visage was immortalized in Hyrule Castle (albeit in secret) through the form of a stained glass window placed in the castle's basement, where the Master Sword would come to rest for a time. It is believed that Laruto was a descendant of hers, and thus her lineage is believed to have passed down to Medli and the Rito. Although her mate is not directly known, given that the Rito are seemingly half-humanoid and half-animal, it is possible that she and Link became lovers or that she chose another humanoid failing this.

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