"Pumpkings carry babies on their head like a royal crown."
— In-game description

Pumpking is an Earth Type Dynamon seen in the mobile app game, Dynamons World.

Initially, Pumpking knows Flash. It will learn the following as it levels up:

  • Level 1 - Flash: Attacks with a bright light, does EXTRA damage to SICK enemies
  • Level ? - Shockwave: A blast of air does damage and lowers the enemy's DEFENSE
  • Level ? - Rock Shield: Builds a shield of solid rock, improving DEFENSE
  • Level 10 - Unspecified:
  • Level 15 - Unspecified:


Pumpking is based on a pumpkin gourd.


The name "Pumpking" is a play on words; a portmanteau of the words "pumpkin" and "king".