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Puss In Boots or Puss In Boots: The Game (to not confuse it with the movie) is an action game based off the movie Puss In Boots. It is made by THQ and was released for many platforms including the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Kinect, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS. It is rated E10+.


The game supports both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes within PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The game utilises motion sensor technology to imitate the swashbuckling swordsmanship of Puss in Boots within the Xbox 360 Kinect version and also within the PlayStation 3 version which includes PlayStation Move.

Game Levels

Santa Maria

  • 1. The Thieves Bar
  • 2. The Hotel
  • 3. The Chase
  • 4. The Cantina


  • 5. The Stagecoach
  • 6. Giant’s Castle
  • 7. The Beanstalk
  • 8. The Mine

San Ricardo

  • 9.The Great Terror

Achievements and Trophies

  • Xbox 360 – there are 40 achievements (13 secret) with a total of 1000 points to earn in the Xbox 360 version of the game.
  • PS3 – There are 41 trophies (13 hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version of the game. Earn Bronze (22), Silver (18), Gold (2) and Platinum (1) to increase your Gamer level.

Main Menu Options

The main menu within the game presents gamers with several options.


This redirects the user to the map screen where they can select a level to play (this is only an option for levels which have been mpreviously unlocked).


  • 1. Number of players — multiplayer can be selected as an option to allow more than one person to take part in the game.
  • 2. Number of Rounds — This option is selected to choose the number of rounds that are to be played within the game. When playing a Team Challenge, the team that wins the most rounds wins that challenge.

Play Game

Within this section gamers are presented with the Game select screen, allowing them to choose a game from the available menu options. There is a random option available, which if chosen the game will select instead of the user. Four challenges are available

  • Market Mayhem — Puss must fight an onslaught of enemies against a timer.
  • Bandit Boot — Puss must boot enemies into traps to score points.
  • Shape it Up! — Puss must hide behind a series of objects.
  • Barrel Barrage — Puss must dodge the waves of barrels that are thrown at him.


This the option to switch between right-handed and left-handed control ;font-family:sans-serif;">Access to unlocked videos and game collectibles.

Mr Patagonia head is in it if not subscribe


The game follows the exact same plot as the movie.

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