QAD Quintessential Art of Desctruction - January 2010 PlayStation Museum Featured Cancelled Game08:20

QAD Quintessential Art of Desctruction - January 2010 PlayStation Museum Featured Cancelled Game


QAD: Quintessential Art Of Destruction is a third person shooter for the PC and original Playstation made by Phillips. It was supposed to be released for the Sega Saturn but it never made it on store shelves.


he galactic government has sent you - and others - in to rescue some hostages from alien invaders. You are sent in with an aircraft and a personal carrier that is used as a base to repair and re-arm your craft.

Your aim is to collect hostages - using a pod for your craft you must pick up from a factory first, steal them from your opponent bounty hunters, and even to kill hostages to make sure you have more than your opponent bounty hunter - at least 75% of the total. All this while avoiding or fighting the different types of aliens that have taken the hostages in the first place. You can also shoot your opponents craft.

You're limited to fairly low flying planetary air movement in your aircraft. There's a choice of weapons, 3 of which you can take with you at any time, and a choice of pods you can buy which are used to pick up the hostages.

Cancelled VersionsEdit

Both a  Sega Saturn port of QAD: Quintessential Art of Destruction was in development.  With the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn having very different hardware, it was decided that the Sega Saturn would not be able to run the game at a decent frame rate and on February 1996 was canceled.

Work on porting the two main engines proved difficult, with the art engine needing to be completely re-done and all of the art assets having to be re-created especially for the PlayStation version. The enemies and objects in the game eventually had to be re-drawn as sprites rather than the 3D objects on the PC version.

The new graphics that were shown to the games publisher, Philips Interactive, which in turn did not like the end result. This is what eventually led to the game getting cancelled, as the PlayStation version of the game could not be made to look exactly like the PC version.

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