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Quantum Quality Productions (also known by their initials QQP) was a video game development company based in New Jersey, USA that specialized in strategy and war games. It was run by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino and Mark Baldwin, it produced a number of computer games that would come to achieve a "cult status", with the most prominent title being The Perfect General.

Unfortunately, cult status cannot keep a company afloat and and after financial difficulties they accepted a buy out by American Laser Games; coincidentally however, ALG quickly ran into their own financial problems and were forced to discontinue QQP productions by 1995. It was based in New Jersey.

List of gamesEdit

They have made fifteen games all PC related.

  1. Battles in Time
  2. Battles of Destiny
  3. Bridge Olympiad
  4. Conquered Kingdoms
  5. Dealer's Choice Collection
  6. Erben des Throns
  7. Grandest Fleet
  8. Lost Admiral
  9. Merchant Prince
  10. The Perfect General II
  11. The Perfect General
  12. Pure Wargame
  13. Solitaire's Journey
  14. WWII: Battles of the South Pacific
  15. Zig Zag

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