The Walking Dead The Game Episode Four Stats Trailer02:56

The Walking Dead The Game Episode Four Stats Trailer

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In The Waling Dead:The Game you meet a new survivor called Ben (last name Paul.) Ben is very clumsy and cowardly and causes five people in The Walking Dead:The Game to die. This made many gamers angry and in The Walking Dead: Episode 4 50% of players let Ben die. Game Informer even said he was the 1st on their list of Top 10 Dorks.

Available Deaths By Players (First one most common):Edit

  • If Lee lets him go, he falls down the bell tower and breaks his legs. Lee escapes via ladder out of the Bell Tower. You then witness Ben screaming and getting devoured by walkers alive.
  • If Lee doesn't shoot the walker hanging on the bell tower (Crawford Oberson) when he's grabbing Ben, the bell's rope breaks and the result is that Ben falls, break his legs, and then is devoured by walkers alive.
  • After breaking through the wall in the attic of the mansion, the group will proceed to jump across a small
    balcony. It breaks as Ben tries to jump across, and he falls. When Kenny and Lee go down to the alleyway to rescue him, Ben says he's okay, but when removing objects on top of him, it is revealed the balcony arm impaled Ben in the stomach. When walkers see the three of them, Kenny pushes Lee away into a gate to protect him, telling Lee to find Clementine. As walkers start to attack, Kenny uses his last bullet to put Ben out of his misery, and then gets himself eaten alive as Lee watches.

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