Ryze The Rogue Mage is a playable character in League of Legends.

He specializes in dealing high damage to one single enemy or a small cluster of enemies, and getting away. Ryze is one of the game's most featured characters, appearing in the "Season One" trailer as well as the in-game login screen. 


Ryze did not believe in the traditional studies of magic like his peers, and from a young age seeked out any types of magic he could. One day he came across what was known as "thorn magic," which required him to tattoo his body with arcane spells. Ryze fights with this magic to this very day, as well as the large scroll on his back, of which the true purpose is unknown. 

Abilities Edit

Passive: When Ryze casts a spell, his other spells' current cooldowns are reduced.         OverloadActive/passive ability (Q): Ryze blasts an opponent with energy, dealing damage which scales based on Ryze's maximum mana.     

Active ability (W): Ryze traps an opponent in a rune prison, dealing slight damage and trapping them for a couple of seconds.     

Active ability (E): Ryze shoots a spell at an enemy, which can bounce off of them to enemies or Ryze himself dealing damage each time.     

Active ability (R): Upon activation, Ryze gains additional ability power and his attacks deal area of effect damage for five seconds.



Stat Base Stat Growth per Level
 Damage  50  3
 Health  360  86
 Mana  250  55
 Movement Speed  310  0
 Armor  11  3.9
 Spell Resist  30  0
Health Regen 0.87 0.11
 Mana Regen  0.9 0.08



  Upon Selection

  • "Let's go, let's go!"


  • "Can you handle this?"
  • "Come on already!"
  • "Let's go let's go!"
  • "Zap!"
  • "Don't hold me up"
  • "Unpleasant? I'll show you Unpleasant!"
  • "Right back at ya!"


  • "Take this scroll and stick it... somewhere safe."


  • "I got these tattoos in Rune Prison!"

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