280px-Sabotage computer game

Sabotage is a action shooter for the Apple II and PC. 


Aircraft at a particular altitude will always travel the same direction as long as an existing aircraft is flying at that altitude. Only if you destroy all aircraft at that level can others approach from the opposite side of the screen. This can be critical in jet levels where their bombs must be shot down to survive. Try to get all jets to approach from the same side.

Jets can only drop bombs in the first third of their approach on screen, and only if there's no risk of the bomb hitting another jet. As bombs will destroy the turret if they hit any part of the base, firing upwards may get bombs that slightly overfly the turret but not those that fall short of screen mid-line. Jets fly no faster than the helicopters.

Often three helicopters will come out in a row at the same altitude. A lucky shot on the first one can destroy all three due to debris, even if the third hadn't yet appeared when the first was shot. Shooting a higher helicopter traveling in the opposite direction can easily destroy all three, and they in turn helicopters and paratroopers below them.

An essential survival skill, besides shooting bombs, is to be able to accurately destroy parachutes without killing the paratrooper before impact as well as dropping a stack of paratroopers. It is possible even after four paratroopers have landed that helicopters may drop more, and during their descent the landed paratroopers will delay their assault. An ability to shoot 'chutes and fatally drop paratroopers on top of ground forces is essential to extend game play in this situation. To maximize the ability to kill ground forces ready to assault the turret, avoid shooting helicopters as much as possible to maximize the number of falling paratroopers and the chances one could fall on a ground force.

Keyboard and paddle control are active simultaneously. The paddle (or a single axis of a joystick) can be used to swing the turret faster and more precisely than a keyboard can. Holding down the space bar also fires faster than using the paddle button, but inhibits keyboard turret control.


If the previous game ended with a bomb hit and helicopters managed to come out before the game ended, the next game may start with the release of one or more paratroopers without any helicopters present, leaving static paratroopers floating in the air for the whole of the next game (possibly even without parachutes). These hovering paratroopers cannot be killed and have no effect on any game element other than as a distraction: everything will fly right through them

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