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Salvatore the Magnificent or Salvatore for short is a female character in the Disgaea series. She appears in Absence of Detention and Absence Of Justice.


She's a military type of unparalleled ruthlessness, though she's not attached to any army in particular. She's always giving out absurd orders, and has respect for opponents that are stronger than herself. Her hobbies are giving orders and forcing her subordinates to do harsh training. She dislikes jokes and any vulgar conduct. Her dream for the future is to fight every day.


  • Salvatore along with Master Big Star are the only characters from Disgaea 3 who did not make an another appearance in another game afterwards. However, she was ranked 15th in a Disgaea 4 DLC poll along with Mao and Almaz but only Mao makes the cut into  Disgaea 4.