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Seer's Village is an area in the PC game Runescape. It is medium sized an has many quests that can be accomplished.


There are multiple ways to get to Seers' Village

Home teleport:To Seer's Vilage lodestone,doesn't require anything but activating the lodestone in seer's village.

Camelot Teleport - Requires 1 Law rune and 5 Air Runes.

Camelot Teleport Tablet - By breaking a Camelot Tablet either by making it in your POH, by using the 1 law rune and 5 air runes amount of runes on a lectern or by trading via player or Grand Exchange.

Fairy Rings - You can either use the code:

  • ALS (McGruber's Wood). - To get to Seers' Village, head East out of the Broken Fence (Requires no Aglilty to pass through) and head east after that.
  • CJR (East of Sinclair Mansion). - To get to Seers' Village, head down South to reach the path, then head East onto the path, then head South onto the path.
  • DJR (West of Sinclair Mansion). - To get to Seers' Village, head down into the river till you have reached the road. Then head East on the road till you have reached the intersection. Head south afther that.

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