"Shadowls have great night vision, some say they see the future."
— In-game description

Shadowl is a Dark Type Dynamon seen in the mobile app game, Dynamons World.

Initially, Shadowl knows Scratch. It will learn the following as it levels up:

  • Level 1 - Scratch: Scratches the enemy to deal damage
  • Level ? - Hurricane: Great winds deal damage and lower the enemy's ATTACK
  • Level ? - Shadow Slash: A dark force scratches the enemy
  • Level 10 - Unspecified:
  • Level 13 - Unspecified:
  • Level 20 - Unspecified:


Given that it is standing on one leg, it may be based on Hoothoot from the Pokémon franchise.


The name "Shadowl" is a play on words; a portmanteau of the words "shadow" and "owl".