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Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety is a brawler for the Genesis, PC, and SNES. It is rated E and made by Acclaim. It is based off the Spider-Man franchise.


The game's plot loosely follows Lethal Protector in the following ways:

  • Appearance of Spider-Man (in LP#1.)
  • Confronting the digger in San Francisco (as seen in LP#1.)
  • Discovering the underground city (as seen in LP#1.)
  • Appearance of The Jury (as seen in LP#2.)
  • Removal of five symbiote seeds to create five new symbiotes (as seen in LP#4.)
  • Spider-Man and Venom's escape from the Life Foundation (as seen in LP#4.)
  • Confronting the five symbiotes at the Life Foundation Headquarters (as seen in LP#5.)

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