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Spindizzy Worlds is a puzzle action game for the SNES, Amiga and Atari ST made by Codemasters.


GERALD has limited controls only being able to move around with the use of breaking and accelerating. The player must guide the device through several levels, there are many hazards enemies and puzzles based on finding and pressing switches in the correct order and navigating thin pathways without falling off. GERALD cannot jump on its own but can reach higher platforms and traverse large gaps by accelerating and jumping over ramps or using moving platforms or warps. GERALD's health - called fuel - depletes slowly over time or quicker when falling of ledges on touching enemies and hazards, it is replenished in small amounts after finishing a section of a stage and by collecting gems that are found around most levels.



In SPINDIZZY WORLDS, you're a bold explorer who must spin from platform to platform, world to world in search of jewels and energy crystals.


  • Spindizzy Worlds was ranked the 13th best Amiga game by Amiga Power.
  • This is one of Codemaster's first games.

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