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Steep Slope Sliders is an arcade sports game similar to SSX for the Sega Saturn. It is rated E and made by Sega aswell.


Choose from four different boarders, and try to master seven wicked courses. Earn big points by landing monster tricks or by catching huge air from cars, hills, cliffs, rocks, and ramps. At the end of your run, you can watch an instant replay of the entire event. With 12 different music tracks, there is mood music to suit every taste. 


The track listing on the game is as follows.

  • Strings Blew Away- Suo+Channel X
  • Turn About Face- Channel X
  • The Phantom Voltage- Channel X
  • Acid Riot- The Neurons
  • Room- The Neurons
  • Sunny Day- The Neurons
  • White Wall- White Wall
  • Egg Tail- Egg Tail
  • Kiss- Nap On Mondy
  • Hold Me Close- Nap On Mondy
  • イントロ- Channel X

The game also used the Saturn's Internal clock to set the tracks at the correct time of day for where they were in the world. This allowed you to snowboard at night, morning, day and evening.

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