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Swashbucklers: Blue vs Grey is a third person action rpg for the Playstation 2 and PC made by Atari. It is rated M.


Swashbucklers: Blue & Grey is a third person action game chronicling the adventures of a young and desperate daredevil Captain Abraham 'Nightingale' Grey. As Captain Nightingale, players lead his 'Warble' cutter through bloody waters of the Caribbean in search of famous Francis Drake's treasures. Gamers can sail the seas of the Caribbean fending off naval attacks from the pirate scourge and English warships embroiled in the War of 1812. Players also can disembark the ship and dual, fight and shoot enemies one on one to capture apposing ships, towns and beach villages or use stealth to escape imprisonment, sabotage enemy fleets or gain valuable information on the elusive Francis Drake's treasures.

The game's narrative uses black humor and irony that follows the feel of the Caribbean in the 19th century 

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when shipbuilding hadn't quite reached its pinnacle but the spirit of the age and the wonder of recent innovations in sailing technology inspired nautical heroes.

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