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Tamir is a character in Assassin's Creed. He is the first person to be ordered to killed by Altair. He worked in Damascus and was a Black Merchant.

Final Words:Edit

Altaïr: Be at peace.

Tamir: You'll pay for this. You and all your kind.

Altaïr: It seems you're the one who pays now, my friend. You'll not profit from suffering any longer.

Tamir: You think me some petty death-dealer, suckling at the breast of war!? A strange target, don't you think? Why me, when so many others do the same?

Altaïr: You believe yourself different, then?

Tamir: Oh but I am, for I serve a far nobler cause than mere profit. Just like my brothers.

Altaïr: Brothers?

Tamir: Ah, but he thinks I act alone. I am but a piece, a man with a part to play. You'll come to know the others soon enough... they won't take kindly to what you've done!

Altaïr: Good. I look forward to ending their lives as well

Tamir: Such pride. It will destroy you, child...Be at peace.

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