Tap Sonic is a korean music game for the iPhone and iPad.

Released for iOS in January 2011, Tap Sonic has been one of the highest grossing mobile apps in the Korean marketplace to date. The game itself will look familiar to fans of Rock Band or Guitar Hero with notes coming down anywhere from 4 to 6 lanes towards a timing line. Tap the notes with the proper timing and your score and combo increases. It's payment system is unique in that players don't pay for individual songs, rather you purchase points that can be spent on single plays of each song in the songlist. Single plays cost anywhere from 15 to 30 MP, with some songs that can be purchased for 800-900 MP to play infinitely. The game requires an internet connection in order to function.  Fans of the DJMAX franchise will be familiar with many of the songs available in the title as the top songs from the various DJMAX titles have been included as lower cost songs. Much of the songlist otherwise is made up of chart topping K-Pop tracks, classical music, and a handful of licensed songs. The game is due for an August release in North America and according to the official Facebook page, is planned to have all of the songs included in the Korean version of the title along with a number of popular English language songs. New songs are added to the title every Monday. 

Song List (Korean Licenses)Edit

Song Name Artist Name Premium?
 A Rainbow  Free Song 
 Chu~♡ f(x) Yes 
 Stay With Me 30' Spring  Yes 
 We No Speak Americano LPG 
 She Is Clazziquai  Yes 
 으라차차 Rumble Fish 
 DOC와 춤을 DJ DOC 
 Mona Lisa MBLAQ Yes 
 Hello Hello F.T Island Yes 
 It's You Super Junior  Yes 
 LOVE SONG Bigbang 
 No. 1 BoA  Yes 
 Bangkok City Orange Caramel Yes 
 Nothing's Over Infinite 
  Rush (feat. 정인)   리쌍
 Up All Night French Horn Rebellion  Yes 
 Supa Dupa Diva Dai*shabet Yes 
 아잉♡ Orange Caramel 
 That's The Way I Like It KC & The Sunshine Band 
 12:00 The KOXX 
 High High GD & TOP 
 Abracadabra Brown Eyed Girls  Yes 
 To Me  Rainbow Yes 
안을까말까 of BEAST  Yes 
 Top Star Tony An Yes 
 oH! aH! SS501 
 Bo Peep Bo Peep T-ara  Yes 
 Way To Go Girls Generation  Yes 
 Ring Ding Dong SHINee  Yes 
 Genie Girls Generation  Yes 
 Tonight Bigbang 
 Can't Nobody 2NE1 
 Sorry, Sorry Super Junior  Yes 
 We No Speak Americano (Radio Edit) Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP  Yes 
 Jumping Kara  Yes 
 Run To You DJ DOC 
Right Now Psy
어쩌다 Brown Eyed Girls
하루하루 Bigbang
좋은 날 아이유
어머나! 장윤정
앵그리(angry) LPG

Song List (DJMAX Original Tunes)Edit


Song Name Artist Name Premium?
  고백, 꽃, 늑대  ReX Yes
Closer 3rd Coast  Yes
 Your Own Miracle Ruby Tuesday   Free Song
 Access Sphazer 
 Eternal Fantasy (Vocal ver.) XeoN 
 Eternal Memory M2U   Yes
 Lover NDLee   Yes
 Memoirs M2U   Yes
 Remember Lin-G
 Trip (Tap Mix) NieN   Yes
 설레임 NDLee   Yes
To You Sweetune 
Forever Bexter   Yes
 Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong DINY   Yes
DIVINE SERVICE Electronic Boutique
Fate STi Yes
Let's go baby 3rd Coast Yes
Luv Flow 3rd Coast Yes
MASAI Croove
Melody Bermei.inazawa/UC Yes
Never Say NDLee Yes
Puzzler Electronic Boutique Yes
Secret World Sweetune
Someday NieN
sO mUCH iN LUV 3rd Coast
Sunny Side Croove
Sweet Shining Shooting Star Croove Yes
The Last Dance Urbatronic Chopsticks
Watch Your Step XeoN Yes
Y NDLee Yes
고백, 꽃, 늑대 Pt.2 ReX Yes
Every Morning NDLee
AI Forte Escape Yes
Beyond The Future 7 Sequence
Brand New Days Planetboom Yes
Bye Bye Love 3rd Coast Yes
Dear My Lady Oriental ST8 Yes
Desperado Croove
Fallen Angel DJ Mocha
FTR Supbaby
Lovely Hands Planetboom
Mess It Up Nauts
Miles Electronic Boutique Yes
ON NDLee Yes
PDM Trish
Play The Future Urbatronic Chopsticks Yes
Ruti'n Bexter Yes
Shoreline Oriental ST8
Sunset Rider Nauts
Sweet Dream Lin-G Yes
Syriana Bexter Yes
The Guilty (Tap Mix) P'sycho -Remi Yes
Xlasher (Tap Mix) Hosoe Shinji Yes
Ladymade Star ESTi
Ask To Wind Forte Escape Yes
Airwave ReX Yes
Burn It Down P'sycho-Remi
Chemical Slave XeoN Yes
Cherokee xxdbxx
Coastal Tempo 3rd Coast Yes
Dual Strikers 7 Sequence
End Of The Moonlight Forte Escape Yes
Get On Top Planetboom
Hexad Electronic Boutique Yes
Higher Supbaby
Jupiter Driving xxdbxx Yes
Keys To The World (Tap Mix) Planetboom Yes
La Campanella (Tap Mix) Cranky Yes
Midnight Blood NieN
My Alias Dayz Yes
NB RANGERS: Returns NieN
Out Law Croove Yes
RockSTAR Mr. Funky Yes
Starfish Planetboom Yes
SuperSonic Planetboom Yes
SuperSonic (Mr. Funky Tap Mix) Mr. Funky Yes
Vanish Lady Electronic Boutique
피아노협주곡 1번 WavFactory
D2 First Aid Yes
Enemy Storm Croove Yes
I Want You Lin-G Yes
Light House xxdbxx Yes
Mind Control NieN Yes
Rolling On The Duck NieN Yes
Seeker M2U Yes
Sin ESTi Yes
Son Of Sun Hosoe Shinji Yes
Stop 3rd Coast
Whiteblue Zts
Heart Of Witch ReX
Blythe M2U Yes
Cypher Gate 7 Sequence Yes
Fermion Makou
Thor XeoN Yes
Hamsin Makou Yes
Nightmare M2U Yes

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