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Terra Militaris is a strategy MMORPG for the PC.


Combat is central to Terra Militaris. Players are required to destroy NPC monsters and armies in order to gain items and experience for their heroes, to raid neutral territories and shrines, and to attack, or defend themselves from, other players. As heroes become more powerful, they are able to increase the size of their standing army and the strength of their troops. Heroes also possess unique skills that can give armies a boost in battle.

Battles can be controlled manually by players, or they can choose to let them play out automatically; victory or defeat decided upon through AI. A player can join or leave a battle at any point. Once combat begins, there is a brief waiting period during which players have the choice to command the combat themselves or to relinquish control. After this players will have 3 minutes to defeat their enemy. Depending on who, what or where you are fighting, a hero will receive experience as well as resources or equipment. If an army is defeated, units can be retrained in one’s city but heroes themselves never permanently “die”.

Gameplay Goals

There are a variety of goals for players to achieve depending on their gameplay style. One player may wish to possess the most territory of any civilization and thus will focus on expanding their influence through temples and worship. Other players may wish to ally themselves with a guild and conquer the most territory and plunder enemy cities. Still other players may wish to pit themselves one-on-one against players in the arena and achieve the highest ranking.

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