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Tex Murphy: Overseer is an adventure game in the Tex Murphy series of games. It is the last game before its founder Acess Software went bankrupt. It is for the PC.


Tex Murphy: Overseer is the third game in the Tex Murphy series to use virtual world technology. For Overseer, Acess Software created a new virtual world engine designed for use in Windows 95/98. Along with the new engine came a slightly modified control system. The virtual world still allowed for full freedom of movement and allowed the user to search for clues in every corner, which by this point had become a staple of the Tex series.

Overseer continued the use of the Tex series' unique method of dialogue selection. Instead of providing you with a list of responses showing the exact words that Tex will say, each dialogue choice is given an adequate description. Never knowing exactly what Tex will say when you select an option helps to keep the dialogue surprising, and often funny.

The game provided two difficulty settings: Entertainment mode and Gamer mode. On Entertainment mode, hints were available and you could bypass certain puzzles in the game. A total of 1,500 points were available on Entertainment mode. In Gamer mode, no hints were available and puzzles could not be bypassed. However, you received bonus points if you solved certain puzzles within a set amount of time. A total of 4,000 points were available on Gamer mode, though due to a glitch with one puzzle, only 3,931 of these points are actually attainable. Unlike its predecessor, The Pandora DirectiveOverseer didn't have any other changes to gameplay between the two modes.

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