The Even More Incredible Machine Playthrough Part 1 - Starting out Easy09:30

The Even More Incredible Machine Playthrough Part 1 - Starting out Easy

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The Even More Incredible Machine is a puzzle strategy game for the PC made by Sierra Entertainment.


The Even More Incredible Machine is, naturally, the sequel to the very famous and well known Incredible Machine. Although it was released 3 years after the original incredible machine, it features very little changes in elements of gameplay. The main interface is identical to the one in the original Incredible Machine, and the puzzle screen is very similar. They basically just moved the item column from right to left. The only way you could know for sure that you are playing the EVEN MORE incredible machine is by stumbling into new puzzle objects. They added a guy called Mel, an aligator, a nail, and few types of balls. You'd say they would be more innovative, I mean, they did have 3 years to think of something really revolutionary, but unfortunately this is one of those 'Lets recycle it and earn some quick buck' publishings. Nevertheless, there are plenty of new puzzles to keep you occupied for a while. If you enjoyed the original series, and didn't get bored, you'll certainly have fun playing the new missions! However, if you already got fed up with the first part, you'll get bored with this one quickly!  

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