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Thetis is a character from Mega Man ZX Advent. He has abilities similar to Levithan but has a more laid back personality. He has the powers of swimming at super speed, ice manipulation, and the ability to breathe underwater.


He's a kind person who appears to be quite upstanding. He loves the ocean and sea life. Beneath this exterior is an extremist however. He harbors animosity and hatred against mankind, participating in the Game of Destiny  in order to gain the power to kill all humans and restore the earth to its pure state.


Thetis appears as a young boy with short blue hair styled into the infamous "ahoge" (literally translating to 'stupid hair'). He is characterized by his innocent, vibrant expression. He wears his Mega Man jacket right under his Mega Man-inspired hoodie and also sports a pair of shorts. He also has a red triangle on his forehead, confirming his status as a Reploid.

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