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The Toran Lake Fortress is a area in the game Suikoden. It is the headquarters for the Toran Liberation Army after  the death of Odessa Silverberg.


The Old Toran Lake Castle was the headquarters for the Toran Liberation Army after the death of Odessa Silverberg. This castle was originally the Scarlet Moon Empire's naval base before Shasarazade was built. The castle was abandoned after the move, and lake pirates repeatedly claimed it as their hideout, but each time they were chased out by the Imperial Navy. However, because pirates always returned, Sonya Schulen summoned a zombie dragon and let it loose in the castle, which served its purpose by keeping pirates out (or by eating them). After the Liberation Army claimed the castle, the castle was heavily repaired, making it habitable for many more people. People who live around the area speak of how the castle grew as Liberation Army recruits increased. The castle was abandoned by the Liberation Army following the end of the war, but some people still live there.

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