"Torchips are usually friendly, but their flames may grow very hot."
— In-game description

Torchip is a Fire Type Dynamon seen in the mobile app game, Dynamons World. It is one of the game's starter Dynamon.

Initially, Torchip knows Scratch. It will learn the following as it levels up:

  • Level 1 - Scratch: Scratches the enemy to deal damage
  • Level 2 - Fire Storm: Deals damage with a rain of fireballs
  • Level 5 - Quick Attack: An attack that deals 1-3 hits and never misses
  • Level 7 - Enflame: Uses magical fire to improve ATTACK and restore HEALTH
  • Level 10 - Hellfire: Massive fire attack, does EXTRA damage if your Dynamon's HEALTH is low


Torchip appears to be based on Charmander from the Pokémon franchise, possibly combined with the fiery back of the Cyndaquil line.


The name "Torchip" is a play on words; a portmanteau of the words "torch" and "chip". It is unknown why this name was chosen.