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Trouble Shooter is a sidescolling third person platformer shooter for the Sega Genesis made by Vic Tokai. It is reffered to as Battle Mania in Japan.


King Frederick's son and heir to the throne, Prince Eldon, has been kidnapped by Blackball, an evil military weapons genius. Just as international disaster seems imminent, Colonel Patch calls in the "Trouble Shooter" to take care of Blackball and his evil robot minions. Play as Madison and her faithful sidekick Crystal in this action side-scrolling adventure which takes you through 5 levels of Blackball's domain to the very mastermind himself. Will Madison be able to defeat Blackball and rescue Prince Eldon in time?


Players assumed control over Madison who was accompanied at all times by her partner Crystal; unlike Madison, Crystal could flip firing positions allowing her to fire behind Madison. Also, Crystal was invulnerable to all enemy fire; Crystal would only be affected if Madison died. At the beginning of almost every stage, the players had to choose a Special Weapon they could use during combat. After every use however, the weapon would have to recharge in order to be used again.

Players could select from four different power-ups consisting of the usual shooter icons (speed-ups, life-ups, firepower and speed-downs). The player could stock up on Madison’s hit points by collecting life-up icons. This was necessary as the game had no lives system and only offered the player three continues.

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