TypoGun is an educational arcade shooter for the PC made by Tan JY.


TypoGun is a freeware action typing game where the player controls an immobile tank, shown from a top-down view, in the middle of the screen. With a limited amount of health, the player has to type in words displayed on top of incoming enemies to fire in their direction. Words needs to be confirmed by pressing the return key to fire the shot. When a typo is made, the tank misfires. If the shot hits another nearby enemy, it is also taken out even when the word is not typed in.

With each new attack wave, enemies appear faster until the tank is destroyed. Players can also collect power-ups such as a Wrecker Gun (broader range), TimeFrost (freezes the attack), ForceShield (extra protection), a bomb, and a repair power-up. To activate them, another word needs to be typed in.

The game offers 5 variations with different vocabularies: Simple, Random Words, Countries Worldwide (191), Left-Hand Strain (all words can be typed in using the left hand), Vocabulary (I), and Vocabulary (II). For certain difficult words, the meaning is also displayed. The game screen shows the word that is being typed in, the amount of time played, the number of words per minute, and the attack phase.

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