Velocispider Zero15:00

Velocispider Zero


Velocispider Zero is a third person bullet hell shooter for the iOS.


The game recieved very positive reception apon release including an 8 out of 10 from Reviews On The Run host Victor Lucas.

App Description:Edit

Part Spider, Part Velociraptor, it's Velocispider!!! Take control of a heavily armed araknasaur in this free version of the popular retro arcade shoot-em-up. 

Your delicious endangered eggs have attracted the taste buds of the evil CEO of the Robot Seafood Corporation. He will stop at nothing to feast on your eggs, defend them from his relentless army of aquatic robot beasts. 

In your arsenal:-  Awesome power ups  Game Center leaderboards  Sweet pixel art  Thumping tunes  Smooth tilt controls  Bluetooth arcade stick support 18 Game Center Achievements Retina & Universal app support

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