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Viola Cadaverini is a character in the Ace Attorney franchise. She appears in Pheonix Wright:Ace Attorney-Trials And Tribulations.


Viola Cadaverini is very soft-spoken and polite, with her style of speech having numerous pauses. However, she strikes fear into those around her by slipping quiet death threats into everyday conversation, normally while performing one of her distinctive sinister giggles ("Hee... Hee... Hee..."). This made her very effective at asking for repayment of loans when Tigre was unable to do so.

Before Tigre's court appearance, Viola was very loyal to him, calling him "Don Tigre" as a sign of respect and quietly demanding that others do the same. Although she ultimately realized that Tigre was only being kind to her due to her grandfather, her affection for Tigre caused her to delude herself into believing that Tigre truly cared about her. Despite coming across as rather sinister, Viola truly was disgusted by what Tigre did to acquire Elg's money and regretted being an accomplice.


In September of 2018, Viola Cadaverini was involved in an accident in which her car collided with Furio Tigre on his moped. She suffered life-threatening head trauma and was hospitalized. The operation required to save her life cost $1 million, and her grandfather Bruto demanded that Tigre pay him the cost of the bill. After Viola's surgery, Tigre took care of her; Viola, not knowing that Tigre was the man involved in her accident, or perhaps not wanting to acknowledge that Tigre may only have cared for her out of fear for her grandfather, became affectionate, deeply loyal and respectful toward Tigre. She began to work for him at Tender Lender soon afterward.

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