Virtua Skipper 5 is the sequel to the PC boat racing game Virtua Skipper 4. It is made by Ubisoft.


Virtual Skipper 5 enables you to skipper the finest competition boats currently available in over 14 different ocean water courses; the settings for the most prestigious international competitions such as Valencia, Auckland, Rio, Marseille...If the regattas at the helm of the Class ACC boats is the highlight of this new Virtual Skipper title, the other class of boats are also featured in the game. Players can therefore take the helm of four types of competition boat, each behaving differently on an ultra-realistic sea modelled and animated to perfection.Though the 'Class America' boats are the stars of this new episode, players will appreciate the variety offered by the inclusion of other types of boat, such as the Trimaran Open 60, the real 'formula ones' of the sea, the Offshore Racer and the Melges 24.An editor will also give you the ability to create integrally your own regattas and ocean water courses which will guarantee renewed and continued gameplay fun in the Internet multiplayer games.

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