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Where the Wild Things Are is an action adventure game based off the movie based off the book of the same name. It is developed by Warner Bros for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and Wii, and is rated E10+.


The game begins with Max, a young boy, arriving on an island and discovering a scepter among a pile of bones. After following a bull-like creature, he stumbles upon the village of the Wild Things, a group of fearsome looking monsters. The Wild Things attempt to eat Max, who cries "Be still!" causing them to jump back in fear and knock over the village. Impressed, they introduce themselves and invite Max to stay with them.

The game then goes through a series of events with Max helping out the Wild Things, or exploring the island with them, all the while investigating the appearance of strange black gunk and the "shadow creatures" emerging from it. Tensions rise in the group, however, causing some of the Wild Things to try and get rid of Max. But Max saves them from the shadow creatures and rescues them from Nowhere, a strange dimension accessed by portals on the island, causing the Wild Things to crown Max their king for his bravery. They throw a wild rumpus to celebrate.

Douglas, a bird-like Wild Thing, soon realizes that the moon is falling to Earth and will destroy the island. After a bid to find a new island fails, Carol, a third Wild Thing, proposes that they escape to the moon by building a tower to reach it. Upon its completion, the Wild Things and Max climb the tower, battling the shadow creatures and avoiding the rising gunk, and successfully reach the top. Max jumps and almost doesn't make it, but is rescued by the Wild Things.

As they celebrate in their new home, Max's scepter begins to shoot fireworks into the sky. The Bull, who decided to stay behind in Nowhere, sees this and smiles. He lies down happy in his new home, as the camera pans up to show the moon, back in the sky in its rightful place.


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Players assume the role of Max, "King of All Wild Things," as they team up with the fearsome but lovable creatures. While journeying across their island, players learn amazing new skills and abilities. Solve action puzzles, overcome challenging obstacles, and play through a unique story narrative to uncover the mystery behind the hostile island and save the Wild Things before it's too late!

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