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Without Warning is a third person shooter made by Capcom for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. It is rated M.


All of the action in Without Warning takes place over the course of a 12-hour period. Terrorists have infiltrated a chemical plant and a three-man team gets inside to take them down. Along the way there are three civilians that play a role in the operation as well. One is a security guard, another is a secretary, and the third is a cameraman who survived a crash in his news chopper after it was hit by a surface-to-air missile from the terrorists. The cameraman wants to get the story and survive while everyone else wants to get out of there and save as many hostages spread across the plant as possible. There are six playable characters in all, but the trick is that none of them really interact with each other directly. However, there will be several times where characters see others or the results of their actions during their own segment, such as seeing a firefight from afar.


Gameplay of Without Warning varies depending on which character is being played. In the case of the Special Forces members and the security guard, gameplay is generally fast-paced, as is often the case with arcade-style shooters. While the game features a dedicated cover system, there is little emphasis on tactical combat, with the best approach often being simply to eliminate all enemies as quickly as possible. Despite the core gameplay of the four characters being largely alike, they all have small differences between them. These involve exclusive objectives for each character, making their gameplay differ slightly from each other. There are also minor differences between the weapons of each character, which in turn affects the gameplay of each as well.

The remaining two characters rely far more on stealth over action. The secretary has only the option to stun enemies either with pepper spray or a fire extinguisher, rather than killing them outright. This is often largely ineffective, and as such, generally the secretary must proceed throughout the chemical plant without alerting the terrorists. The gameplay for the cameraman is largely the same, although with this character, the player has the option to attempt to kill terrorists with a gun. A more notable difference, however, is that the cameraman is required to film various activities committed throughout the chemical plant by the terrorists using his camera, exposing himself to danger.


The game garnered mostly negative reviews from critics. It was criticized for its gameplay, glitches, poor voice acting, characters and plot, but praised for its impressive visuals.

4/10 — IGN

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