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XGRA: Extreme G-Racing Association is a futuristic racing game similar to the likes of Wipeout and F-Zero made by Acclaim. It was released for the PlayStation 2, Gamecube and the original Xbox. It was rated Teen.


The game features a wide range of riders, tracks and bikes that can accelerate at an incredibly rapid rate, going from 0mph to 300mph in a matter of seconds. It is even possible to break the sound barrier during gameplay: breaking of the sound barrier occurs around 750 mph, at which point all sound effects except the item collection sound, other drivers' taunts, the sounds of your own weapons firing and the in-game music cut out. Also while in game you are able to choose from different corporations to attain the cycles mentioned above.

XGRA allows you to race for eight different teams, with each teams bike having their own advantages and drawbacks.



At the turn of 2080, SINN (Sports Interactive News Network) announced XGRA (Extreme-G Racing Association) had declared the Global Season Tour of 2080 was going to take place.


  • The team names are Terranova, Vixen, Palus, Starcom, Talon, Manta, Scarecrow and Templar Racing.
  • Noise Therapy did the soundtrack.

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